Do you want to experience Rotterdam at its best?

Then book your meeting or overnight stay on our Coaster!


We have 3 unique cabins to spend the night or to rent for meetings during the day. You can also rent the whole boat with a maximum of 10 sleeping places. 

As an alternative location, we would like to point out our unique Wikkelboats, tiny houseboats made of cardboard,

Make a choice below to check availability or to book one or more nights directly. Would you like to rent one or more Cabins for a (mid)day? Then please contact us!

Please note: Our ship is located in the heart of Rotterdam and any nuisance (noise) caused to our neighbours is a reason for early termination of your stay and withholding of the deposit. Our house rules are quite simple: enjoy the ship and its surroundings without bothering others and after 22h it should be quiet outside.

Book directly with us and take advantage of lower prices, a more favorable cancellation policy (free cancellation up to week in advance) and being able to book directly many options such as early check-in or later check-out, the Jacuzzi, etc.

Would you like to book the optional Jacuzzi? Please check availability in advance via this link.


Live living room concert (guitar + vocals) of 30 minutes by Rotterdam artist Gerardo bookable for €79. Preview

Captain's Cabin

Would you like to book a room in the Captains cabin?

Olive's Cabin

Would you like to book a room in the Olive's cabin?

Popeye's Cabin

Would you like to book a room in the Popeye's cabin?

Entire ship

Would you like to book the entire ship?

Check availability of Cabin or Wrapboat based on number of people

If you would like to know which Cabins and Wrapboats are still available for certain dates and number of persons, please click below

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Do you want to book for a short stay?

Captain's Cabin

The Captains cabin is a ~30m2 two-bedroom flat at the rear of the ship, consisting of the wheelhouse, rear deck terrace and bedroom/living room with bathroom and kitchenette at the bottom of the ship. Book your cabin below.

Olive's Cabin

Olive's Cabin is the middle ~45m2 two-bedroom flat with a separate bedroom and a spacious sofa bed in the living room and a mega-deck terrace with luxury outdoor kitchen-bbq outside. Book your Cabin below.

Popeye's Cabin

Popeye's Cabin is the ~45m2 two-bedroom flat in the front ship. Book your Cabin below.

Entire ship

Are you travelling with a larger group? Then book the entire ship with a total of 3 double beds and 2 sofa beds. You will then have the ship all to yourself! Click below.

All our floating Cabins

We also have two unique tiny houseboats, the Wikkelboats. These are around the corner from De Coaster and each have two bedroom/living rooms with a double bed which has been ingeniously hidden away against the wall during the day. Unique and with all modern conveniences. Click below to check which Cabins on the Coaster and/or Wikkelboats are still available, based on the number of persons and desired dates, and book directly.

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